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Ancient Herb & Brews

Products that we offer

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Ancient Herb & Brews is a Holistic and Aromatherapy Business that offers a variety of products for health and wellness. We have a line of products that people love and want more of because they feel better and are happier too.


Some people are unsure about what they should use for a common cold, so they go to the pharmacy and buy a medicine that they assume will help, Wrong. They only slow the pains based on a blocker in the medicine. Our "What Cold" Tea doesn't just block the aches and sniffles it actually gets rid of them. Our whole family including our children have taken Herbal teas for health and the results are amazing! This is only one of many products we sell and its all so affordable that you can stock up for a month.


Prices and sizes of products offered:

Teas: Small=$3.00 (5 tea bags), Medium=$6.00 (10 tea bags), Large=$8.00 (15 tea bags). All our teas have medicinal and holistic purposes therefore, they work extremely well so prices include delivery to local area

Liquid Soaps: Small=$1.50, Medium=$6.50, Large=$8.00

Sachets: Purpose(of any kind)=$4.00, Scented=$2.50

Sprays: Healing: small=$2.00, Large=$5.00; Romance: small=$2.50, Large=$5.50; Cleansing: small=$1.50, Large=$4.00

Please Call or e-mail today to place your order.

Contact Numbers:

Jen Weiland: 970-596-1074

Greg Weiland: 970-596-1442

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Disclaimer: All of our products are made from all natural ingredients, which have their own medicinal property. Individual results may vary depending on length of use and type. Never combine any of your own herbs or oils without proper research. Always check with your doctor before taking any herbal remedy.

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